YOSHIKO serves a la carte dishes. This restaurant is run by 90-year-old Ms. Yoshiko. Her friendliness and coziness of the restaurant will relax you. Ms. Yoshiko began this restaurant long ago and she is still working. One of the most recommended dishes is yu-dofu, boiled tofu. The sauce for yu-dofu is special because it has been made in the same way since the establishment of YOSHIKO and its taste is also unique. The sauce: a little bit sweet and soy-sauce base. You cannot taste this kind of sauce anywhere but here. In addition to yu-dofu, you should try kushi-katsu, deep-fried kebab. (Ingredients are only beef)

ClosedWednesdays, third Thursdays
Credit cardsUnaccepted
ReservationNot Required
Seatscounter : 11
table : 12
EnglishMenu is unavailable (Ask the master or staff)
Vege foodAvailable