Kiyamachi Samboa

Samboa is a bar with a long-standing tradition in Kyoto. But Kiyamachi Samboa is NOT so-called “ichigen-san okotowari,” which means that they refuse first-time customer who has no contact with the master or the staff. Some of such long-standing bars have strict rules about drinking. For example, guests have to keep the counter table clean. So, strange as it may sound, the master suggests throwing away skin of peanuts on the floor. In addition to this, you should not lean your elbow on the table. Kiyamachi Samboa offers all menus at half price if you visit there wearing kimono or yukata. Besides that, every Tuesday is Ladies’ Day. Women can eat and drink at half price.

Credit cardsUnaccepted
ReservationNot Required
Seatstable : 1
tatami room : 9
EnglishOwner speaks no English