Kyoto Boteju

This restaurant has an interior with nice atmosphere like a bar. If you take a seat at the counter, cooks make dishes in front of you. It is really enjoyable! And the cooks will customize your dishes to your liking, so tell the cooks anything you want. The okamisan can speak English really fluently. Besides that, the restaurant has original menu recommended to foreign customers. And sauces for the okonomiyaki are home-made. Just try them!

*Okonomiyaki is a pancake cooked on a hot plate with bits of meat, seafood and sliced cabbages. For details, please look at the showcase outside of the restaurant. *Okamisan is the wife of master. She works as a hostess, a server, and sometimes a cook.

Credit cardsUnaccepted
ReservationNot Required
Budget¥700 for lunch
¥1,500 for dinner
Seatscounter : 28
table : 8
hall : 64
EnglishSome staff speak English.
Menu is available.
Vege foodUnavailable