Indean is a curry and rice restaurant. The curry served here has very special appearance. The curry roux the restaurant’s founder made in the Showa era is like soup. Generally, Japanese curry roux is thick and separated from rice, but Indean’s roux is already mixed up with rice. Main toppings are stewed beef, pork, or chicken. They are surprisingly soft! Japanese pickles and salad come with the curry and rice as a set. The spicy taste and smell of the curry attract you and you will want to come back here again. When you walk along the west side of the Takase River, smell of curry will lead you to the restaurant. The navy blue noren (shop curtain) will let you know where the restaurant is.

Credit cardsUnaccepted
ReservationNot Required
Seatstable : 8~10
EnglishMenu is unavailable
Vege foodUnavailable