This restaurant has three foreign language menus; English, Chinese and Korean menu. But none of the restaurant’s staff speak those languages. In this restaurant, many uchiwas are hung on the wall. The uchiwas bear maiko’s names on them. The uchiwas mean that maikos are regular patron of the restaurant and often come here. If you are lucky, you might meet a maiko! This restaurant stands by the Takase River. You will see beautiful cherry blossoms in spring. You should take some pictures near here! Miyoshi mainly serves Japanese noodle udon. Udon’s toppings include meats and vegetables. For vegetarians, the chef can cook udon only with vegetables.

*Uchiwa is Japanese fan. *Maiko is Japanese traditional entertainer. All maikos are female.

Credit cardsUnaccepted
ReservationNot Required
Seatstable : 22
EnglishEnglish, Chinese, Korean menus are available.
Vege foodAvailable