Kawashige serves many seasonal dishes using fish. You can enjoy Kyo-cuisine, which is cooked in the very traditional fashion. Kawashige has no written menu. But they serve one course dishes, Omakase set. You should choose Omakase set in this restaurant. This course costs you more than 11,000 yen. Or if you would like to eat bento, or Japanese-style packed meal, you can choose from three kinds of bento, Omakase (15,000 yen) Mangetsu (5,500 yen), or Hakkaku (3,300 yen). So feel free to ask questions and tell the master your budget so that you can enjoy the dishes at affordable prices.

This restaurant is on a very narrow alley. A light vehicle is always parked on the south side of the alley.

OpenLunch 11:30~13:30 Dinner 17:00~21:00
Credit cardsAccepted
Budget¥3,300 for lunch
¥11,000 for dinner
Seatscounter : 28 tatami room with chair : 6
EnglishThere is no written menu. You should be accompanied with a Japanese-speaking person.
Vege foodUnavailable