Munchen is a bierkeller, or a German-style pub. Big yellow signs will help you find where it is. This restaurant has an amazing variety of beer. Moreover, they serve wine and sake. So you can drink various kinds of brews and liquors. Most of the food served here are German dishes, especially meat, but there is also Japanese food. If you cannot decide what to order, you should choose fried chicken. This is the most popular dish of Munchen. The menus at lunch time are different from dinner time menus. The lunch menus are mainly set meals and they are low-priced. Munchen is open 365 days a year! Please come and have a good time!

Open11:30~23:00 (L.O.22:20)
ClosedOpen 365 Days a Year
Credit cardsAccepted
ReservationNot Required
Seatscounter : 22
table: 170
private room:Western-style :40
EnglishSome staff speak English. Menu is available.
Vege foodUnavailable