Tsukigase is one of the most time-honored Japanese teahouses, where you can eat Japanese-style parfait. The most recommended is “Matcha Cream An’mitsu.” “An’mitsu” (parfait) is made up of sweet beans, fruits, agar jelly and ice cream. “Matcha” means Japanese traditional green tea. It tastes a little bitter, but smells good. The teahouse has 3 tables on tatami and some sets of chair and table. The room is like a cozy cubbyhole with cute interiors, such as colorful Japanese cushions, Japanese pictures on the wall, and mini-sized tables.

Tsukigase on Kiyamachi Street is the original house and there are two other Tsukigase teahouses in Kyoto. One is in Takashimaya Department Store and the other is on Sakaimachi Street.

Credit cardsAccepted
ReservationNot Required
Seatstable : 30
tatami : 12
EnglishMenu is unavailable.